Ways to Use the Shop

Public – Hanging out at the shop is always free – swing by the shop to hang out, meet members, watch projects, air up your tires, enjoy free mechanical advice and project planning, get a safety inspection, get a high score on our arcade and use our WiFi.

Repair Services – Call, email or stop by the shop for a quote on the work you’d like us to take care of for you.

Classes – Check on the latest class offerings, feel free to drop us a line if there is something else you’d like to learn.

DIY Shop Use

1. Sign up and take the free shop introduction / safety class.

2. Head over to our bay schedule, create an account and reserve a bay.

3. Either join as a member below or pay for the day at the shop.

4. Bring in your bike and get wrenching!

Day Pass ($25 half day / $35 full day) – Just swinging through or testing the waters? Get access to our full shop for the half day (6 hours on Saturday, 4 on Sunday) or the whole day. Payment collected at shop – reserve a bay.

Member ($35 / mo.) – Become a reoccurring member for unlimited bay time, voting rights, access to member only events (BBQs, parties, game nights, etc.) and become a part of our shop (unlimited bay time subject to availability)! To become a member sign up via PayPal below then show up to sign our release form and present your government issued ID.  We recommend that you attend a free DIY Shop Intro orientation to MotoGarage held twice a month on Sunday, before or shortly after joining. We require that you attend an Intro within three months of becoming a member.

Member ($35 / mo.)

Member + Storage Bin ($50 / mo.)

Member + Storage Bin + Bike Storage ($100 / mo.)

Add-Ons and Extras –

Motorcycle storage ($5 a calendar day, up to $50 / mo.), monthly bin access ($15 / mo.), battery / tire disposal ($5 each) and repair services are available for purchase.

Leaving Us

If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you will remain a member until the end of that billing cycle. You should receive an email that verifies your cancellation. Each payment in your subscription pays for the month after the payment.