What is MotoGarage?

MotoGarage is a DIY Community Motorcycle Garage.

What exactly is a ‘community motorcycle garage’?

A community motorcycle garage is one in which the community has an active mechanical and social role, unlike a traditional drop of repair shop.

What encompasses a mechanical and social role?

Mechanically, you will have access to all the equipment and tools necessary to allow you to work on your own motorcycle. Classes, online access, part ordering and staff are just some of the things available to you. Socially, MotoGarage is set up in a way that doesn’t just allow but fosters the motorcycle scene through events (both member and owner derived).

What is the status of MotoGarage?

MotoGarage is currently in ‘User Testing Phase’ (click here to learn more –  We expect to be putting the finishing touches on the membership structure in the 1st QTR of 2016 at which time the free phase will end and memberships will be sold.


And exactly how will the community ‘direct’ the shop?

During the membership development the community will have a hand in the creation by voicing how they would like it structured. Once the membership option is rolled out, the goal is for the community to run the membership autonomously both inside and outside the MotoGarage location.

The established hierarchy of command (a TBD power structure, i.e. President, Vice President, Committee Heads, general Members) will have the authority to create events, host fundraisers and change the by-laws. MotoGarage founders will ensure the vision is upheld and that the MotoGarage venue interests are taken into consideration. The exact power and overlapping authority will be determined during the months ahead!

Where is MotoGarage?

MotoGarage is located at 600 Morse Avenue, Unit C, Schaumburg, Illinois 60193.

Is this a motorcycle repair shop?

The short answer is no, MotoGarage’s primary motive is to become a hands on community DIY facility.


Do I have to be working on a motorcycle or be a member to get in?

There will be no requirement be allowed into MotoGarage other than a liability release form that needs to be signed and the shop safety requirements followed.

During the ‘User Testing Phase’, one does not need to be a memberto work on a motorcycle.  Once this phase is over and the memberships become available, this will no longer be case (i.e. will have to be a member or buy a ‘day pass’ to use the shop).

What do you mean by congregation spot?

The catalyst of MotoGarage creation is to tap into the passion of motorcycling in a way never before done.  To create an environment which you feel free to come and go. A shop to be a part of and to enjoy on your own time. A place to meet, organize a ride or just decompress.

We understand working on a motorcycle isn’t a daily or sometimes even monthly activity. MotoGarage has an equal emphasis on creating a social scene welcoming to any level of rider or guest.


I would like to help during the ‘User Testing Phase’ development, is there anything I can do?

Absolutely! The input and involvement of the community isn’t something we are casually mentioning, it is the cornerstone to MotoGarage. This will be your shop. Join the forum, come hang out at the shop, attend a meeting or just contact us directly to get involved.  We are using the best ideas from everyone to structure the membership and how the shop functions.

I would like to donate to your cause.

Our shop is one for the community, as such we strive to keep all costs to the users as low as possible.  Any tools or volunteer help to our shop is greatly appreciated.  Swing by the shop to see how you can chip in.  Thank you!

What are the hours and days of operation?

During the ‘User Testing Phase’ MotoGarage’s hours are Saturdays (10AM-10PM) and Sunday (10AM-6PM).


How much and what length is a membership?

The length of a membership will be one month, but may be possible to purchase annually for a discount. The three tier membership structure will be designed with community input and direction during our ‘User Testing Phase’.

What benefits come with a membership?

Benefits will range from, but are not limited to; bay privileges, bay discounts, service discounts, member only social events, member forum section and voting rights.

What “bay privileges” are we talking about?

The primary benefit of a membership will be the use of bays. As a member bays will be at your disposal to use at your leisure, with only possible time caps / reservation restrictions in development (i.e., may not be able to make multiple day reservations in a row).  The goal is to create an environment that emulates your own garage; in both cost and untimed use.

What can a member vote on?

Membership to MotoGarage will have a core constitution along with a set of by-laws. A few examples a member in good standing could have the right to vote on include edits and modifications to the by-laws, club direction and committee head selection.  A percentage of member dues will be reallocated to a member only fund, which can only be spent through voting.

The power, range of voting ability and impact are to be determined, stay tuned!

What are the goals, outlines and purpose of membership?

The primary goal of membership to MotoGarage is to create a higher level of social, mechanical and community involvement within the shop. We are not a repair shop, but a shop created for its members.

Being a member will allow access to bays, voting rights, and access to invite only events. The initial constitution and by-laws will be under community development in the coming months.

Can I help develop the membership options?

Absolutely! Join the forum, swing by the shop, attend a meeting or drop us a line to voice your suggestions. The membership tentative design will be developed during the User Testing Phase and will be available at its conclusion.  Our shop whiteboard has the latest and greatest membership design.

Will the membership’s purpose, goals and ideals be static?

The primary objectives will be upheld as laid out by MotoGarage, but membership to the shop will become an entity that evolves through community involvement. As a member you will have the right to vote for the creation, removal and reconfiguration of it’s by-laws and actions.  A percentage of member dues will be allocated to a ‘member only’ fund that only members may vote to spend.

Shop Function

I’ve never worked on my motorcycle before or need some help with a new repair job.

MotoGarage offers classes ( ranging from general maintenance (oil change, brake replacement) to high level repairs (valve clearance reset, engine replacement). Feel free to also ask our staff for guidance and help during your repair. Most bays have computers for assistance to let you look up parts diagrams, videos, motorcycle forums and service manuals.

How does the bay rental process work?

Beyond the typical call and walk in for members, we are utilizing an online calendar reservation ( in order to allow you to login and reserve a specific bay and time. To ensure you have the parts and tools you need, we will encourage you to talk with our staff first.

What is the pricing per bay per hour?

Our pricing model will not include a ‘by the hour’ type fee.  Our current structure has memberships with unlimited monthly bay time.

We will, however, sell a ‘day pass’ for those who only need a day at the shop or are passing through.


Will I be able to drop off my motorcycle for repair like a normal shop?

As of now, the answer is no.  There are plenty of quality local motorcycle service shops in the suburbs of Chicago, MotoGarage is for those who are interested in a DIY atmosphere and community.


What if my motorcycle currently isn’t running and I have no way of getting it there?

As of now, we do not have a tow service available.  We’re looking to add that capability in the 1st QTR of 2016.

I don’t want to be timed on my repair jobs! Is there a better option?

Neither do we! Membership will have different levels of benefits, but all of them will have unlimited bay time (with the requirement that the time must be reserved through

What if I want to just bring in an engine for overhaul or a carburetor for rebuild?

For a smaller project, the use of our project table may be more convenient than the other three bays we have.


What happens if I need parts mid job?

If you need to halt your project for parts, you’ll have to move your project and/or bike to our storage area.

I’m mid way through a repair job and need a special tool the shop doesn’t have, what now?

Every repair job should be discussed with the staff prior to starting in order to ensure this does not happen. With that being said, there will be times when MotoGarage does not have the specific tool required. If this is a feasible tool for us to purchase, we’ll order the tool for your use (tool becomes shop equipment and available for use as soon as it is received).

What happens if I don’t finish my job on my motorcycle before the shop closes?

During the User Testing Phase, the bike will be moved to our indoor storage area.  As of now there will not be any charges for active projects.

I’m too nervous to try and fix my motorcycle.

This is the primary reason we’ve seen as to why people don’t do their own work. Deciding to work on your motorcycle should be one of excitement and anticipation, not dread for the chance of something going wrong. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes confidence and eagerness to tackle new jobs. We have  shop bikes and engines to practice on, classes to take, staff to ask questions of and internet access at all bays. We will take every step to reduce the risk of breaking something.

Wait, what if I break something on my bike?

If you work on your bike long enough the question is when, not if, you break something on your bike. This is not something to be afraid of! The only difference between a master mechanic and a beginner is that the master mechanic has broken or erred on infinitely more things.  As Jerry Milford says “there are very few things in life you can’t fix” with motorcycles fortunately not being one of those. While you will be responsible for any damage incurred to your motorcycle while you are servicing it, we will be there to help steer you back and together we can mitigate the damage and come up with a solution.