The freedom of a DIY shop, the environment of a hackerspace and the operational model of a co-op. Attend a class to learn motorcycle repair. Pull your motorcycle into a bay to do it yourself. Become a member, have your voice heard and vote to transform the shop’s direction. Stop by to meet other bikers, enjoy the scene, organize a ride or join in shop events. The possibilities of involvement are endless, the decision is yours.


Most DIY enthusiasts have experienced the joy of watching and working on a project in a garage with a few friends. Time melts off the clock and friendships are forged while we partake in the endlessly gratifying feeling of breaking, building and fixing the machines that have given us the riding perspective and helped shape who we are. Some are driven to DIY by cost saving, some by natural desire but all come out rewarded with not just saving money but friendships and self empowering confidence.

Extracting this idea, experience and feeling out of a personal garage and using it as a foundation for our community space is what drives us. Creating a shop that allows you to wrench, learn, build, belong and work with the community of passionate motorcyclists. The tools, tire changer, work spaces, Wi-Fi and garage are simply the catalyst for the community we are fostering.

“If it’s not impossible, there must be a way to do it” – Sir Nicholas Winton

Latest News

MotoGarage joined a round table of other CMGs (community motorcycle garages) to talk about our movement - listen in, good stuff! CMG's joining at 25min! wheelnerds.com/ WheelNerds ... See MoreSee Less

MotoGarage joined a round table of other CMGs (community motorcycle garages) to talk about our movement - listen in, good stuff! CMGs joining at 25min!  http://wheelnerds.com/ WheelNerds

Recent Reviews

“Very cool place that is developing as we speak. Super friendly owners provide a fun atmosphere for bike enthusiasts of all levels to learn, wrench, and collaborate. I’m excited about getting in on this place early as I have a lot to learn about bike mechanics and look forward to getting to know the community as well. Owners are open to new ideas and are listening to the community. Xbox, movies, music, arcade, tools, lifts, bays, computers, you name it. As a newer rider that’s been struggling to break into the community I feel this is a great find.”Rick L
“Excellent facility, all the tools you would need in a one stop shop. If you have a bike, you need to know about this place!”bobmustang1
“My new home away from home…….great place…feels just like back in the day workin on bikes with my friends or just hang out and help out…always an extra set of hands avalable with sombody to bounce ideas off of and plenty of knowledge”my name is Mud